Honor’s Magic 6 Pro is a battery life champion

Honor unveiled the Magic 6 Pro in its home market last month, and the phone is slated to make its global debut at Mobile World Congress at the end of February. I liked using the Magic 5 Pro quite a bit last year, and while the software still isn’t as polished as its rivals, it’s clear that Honor knows how to deliver a strong hardware package and standout cameras.

I’m just getting started with the Magic 6 Pro, but before I share my initial findings, I wanted to highlight one aspect of the device that stands out immediately: battery life. Most 2024 flagships have larger batteries than their predecessors, with manufacturers switching to 5400mAh batteries that last over a day between charges — that was certainly the case with the Vivo X100 Pro and OnePlus 12, and the OnePlus 12R has an even larger 5500mAh battery.

Honor, meanwhile, slotted in a gigantic 5600mAh battery in the Magic 6 Pro, and what’s particularly great is that the phone is just 6g heavier than its predecessor even though there’s a considerably larger battery. Honor is once again switching things up when it comes to the battery tech, leveraging a silicon-carbon negative electrode material in lieu of the usual graphite that’s used in most devices.

(Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

The Magic 6 Pro still has a standard lithium-ion battery, but the use of silicon means the brand is able to increase the power density, and cram a larger battery into the device without increasing the size too much. Of course, this isn’t the first instance where Honor used a silicon-carbon battery; last year’s Magic 5 Pro also had the same tech, but there are a few upgrades on the Magic 6 Pro.

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