Honor Magic V2 review: This foldable is on an entirely different level

I remember back when thin phones were all the rage a decade ago — Vivo, Gionee, and other Chinese brands were intent on creating devices that were ultra-sleek, and the ensuing madness led to phones like the Vivo X5 Max, which was just 5.1mm thick. To put that into context, the Galaxy S24 comes in at 7.6mm. While those devices ticked a lot of boxes on the styling front, they had poor thermal management, and tiny batteries.

Thankfully, this trend fizzled away after a few years, and brands started focusing on things customers actually cared about: larger batteries, better cameras, and so on. Why am I dredging up obscure phone facts, you ask? Well, using the Magic V2 reminds me of those ultra-thin devices from years past; Honor somehow managed to create a device that’s roughly the same size as a regular phone, and that takes away a lot of the friction in using a foldable.

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