Google will train its AI models on Reddit user content


  • Google partners with Reddit to access data for AI training, focusing on refining language- and machine-learning models.
  • Reddit’s API provides valuable user-submitted comments and posts for Google’s AI models, enhancing its Cloud partnership with Reddit.
  • Google’s use of Reddit’s API is seen as a deepening of their existing partnership, with potential for more collaborations in the future.

As Google continues to expand upon its ventures into artificial intelligence, it’s looking for new sources of data to train its language- and machine-learning models. Without relevant, accurate information, AI tools immediately lose their value. That being said, not everyone is ready to consent to companies like Google using their data for AI training. Now, new reports have confirmed one entity that is stepping up to meet the tech giant’s needs.


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Earlier this week, a report said that an “unnamed large AI company” had come to an agreement with Reddit to access its application programming interface (API) for the purposes of training its AI models. Earlier today, Reuters reported that company was none other than Google, and now Google has confirmed that it has reached an agreement with the social media aggregator.

Reddit’s API provides access to its wealth of user-submitted comments and posts, and was famously at the heart of controversial changes in 2023 that led to the death of many third-party Reddit apps. The company’s CEO said at the time that Reddit recognized the value of this data, but that it didn’t “need to give all of that value to some of the largest companies in the world for free.”

Reddit, which is expected to go public in the near future, has an estimated value of about $10 billion. It could sell up to 10% of its shares when it goes public, and industry insiders have speculated that this initial public offering (IPO) could happen as soon as next month.


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As for Google, the company has confirmed that it will be able to use Reddit’s API to utilize “real-time” content from the platform. It has also specified that, through its Cloud partnership with Reddit, it will be able to enhance Vertex AI. Google frames Vertex AI as its tool that is designed to help developers train and deploy machine-learning models and other AI applications. Similar to Google’s other AI initiatives, you can subscribe to use Vertex AI and its generative AI capabilities as needed.

As Google continues to refine its AI tools, it will likely seek out other partnerships for training. That being said, Google was already working with Reddit before the most recent announcement. Instead of being seen as a new development, the tech giant appears to be intent on introducing the deal as a “deepening” of the work they are doing together.

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