Google Maps redesign gives its UI more space and user convenience

What you need to know

  • Google Maps is rolling out a redesign for its UI on Android, which changes how users experience its directions search.
  • The UI no longer encompasses your entire display, giving users more room to quickly get back to the map and find where they’re headed.
  • Another UI change involves Google bringing its row of transportation methods to the bottom of the display for more convenient access.

Google is starting to roll out a redesign for Maps that gives various aspects of its UI some more space. As spotted by 9to5Google, the company is pushing an update marked as version number 11.113.x on Android, though it’s reportedly not widespread just yet. The download will drastically change how users experience Maps’ directions search.

The UI no longer encompasses your entire display. Additionally, the bar is now strictly for entering addresses for a place you’re visiting.

The other side of this is the offered list of transportation methods users may take. The redesign has moved this row of options down to the bottom of Maps’ UI, making it easier to reach. Moreover, swiping up to expand the sub-menu no longer stretches the entire length of your display, so users can still see the bulk of their potential route.

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